We went to Paris Fashion week and this is what we learnt

We went to Paris Fashion week and this is what we learnt

Leaving the heat of Dubai and jetting off to Paris not only provided a welcome rest-bite from the heat, but a chance to see where Europe's top fashion houses are headed next.  Paris Fashion Week 2024 showcased a dazzling array of creativity, sustainability, and innovation, reaffirming its status as the pinnacle of the fashion calendar. This year's event was a blend of classic elegance and modern experimentation, with established fashion houses and emerging designers alike presenting their visions for the future.

Key Highlights:

    1. Dior: Maria Grazia Chiuri took inspiration from the 1960s, presenting a collection that mixed safari jackets, trench coats, and mod evening silhouettes. The playful yet sophisticated pieces were complemented by masculine touches like black fedora hats​ (InStyle)​.
    2. Louis Vuitton: Celebrating his 10th anniversary with the brand, Nicolas Ghesquière delved into Louis Vuitton's rich archives. The collection featured a delightful duality, reimagining historical pieces with contemporary trends, reflecting the brand's heritage in luggage and travel​ (InStyle)​.
    3. Chloé: Under the new creative direction of Chemena Kamali, Chloé's collection highlighted diaphanous sheer dresses and trailing tops, evoking a boho-chic aesthetic that feels both fresh and deeply rooted in the brand’s DNA​ (InStyle)​.
    4. Sustainability Focus: Stella McCartney transformed Marché Saxe-Breteuil into "Stella’s Sustainable Market," showcasing innovations like leather made from apple waste and seaweed-based yarn. Her collection, inspired by family and rock and roll, included micro shorts paired with oversized blazers and crochet dresses adorned with mirrored discs​ (wallpaper.com)​.
    5. Valentino: Pierpaolo Piccioli explored the liberated female body with a series of cut-out garments and languid gowns. The collection, featuring live music by FKA Twigs, celebrated personal sensuality and the interplay of cloth and body, making a statement about the intimate connection between wearer and garment​ (wallpaper.com)​.
    6. Street Style: The streets of Paris were vibrant with fashion enthusiasts showcasing eclectic styles. From bold colors and innovative layering to classic chic, the street style was a testament to the city’s influence on global fashion​ (Vogue Singapore)​.

Born Outside Italy weren’t showing this year (hello 2025) but it was chance for some lucky early insiders to get a glimpse of Sneaker002. We’ll tell you more about it over the coming months but fair to say, it turned heads of even the most stalic of fashionistas. Watch this space

Overall, Paris Fashion Week 2024 was a celebration of fashion’s dynamic nature, blending tradition with modernity, and underscoring the industry’s growing commitment to sustainability and innovation, something that resonated with all of us at Born Outside Italy